Three Reasons Not to Plead Guilty to a DWI in Texas

DWIs are one of the crimes that people don’t take seriously. People think that because drunk driving crimes are common that it makes people more sympathetic to you if you get convicted of one. Although it might be understandable that people make mistakes after drinking alcohol, that doesn’t mean that a DWI isn’t a big deal. A drunk driving crime on your criminal record will absolutely affect you in the long term. Pleading guilty to a DWI could be a mistake, especially if you don’t even take the time to consider whether you have other options. Read on to learn three good reasons why you might not want to plead guilty to a drunk driving charge.

Three Reasons to Not Plead Guilty to a Drunk Driving Charge

Legal Penalties

The first reason to not plead guilty without first speaking to a lawyer about your options is because there are legal consequences that come with a conviction. Even a first-time DWI comes with possible jail time, fines, loss of drivers license, community service, substance abuse treatment classes, and possible probation.

Employment Issues

A DWI conviction could cause you to lose your job, and you will likely have difficulty finding good jobs in the future.

Other Negative Life Effects

There are many other negative consequences of a drunk driving conviction. Embarrassment, ineligibility for certain government programs, and financial struggles are just a few of the negative life issues that come with a conviction.

Call a Texas DWI Lawyer

You don’t have to plead guilty to a DWI charge. You might have other options. Learn about what your options are by talking with a Texas DWI lawyer at The Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy. Dial 817-605-1010 to reach our firm or visit our website to learn more about fighting against a DWI charge in Texas.


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